About SMG Home Fragrance

Keeping your home smelling great shouldn't have to compromise safety. There are a lot of candles out there that haven't been tested for safety and don't adhere to the regulation standards. Sure they might smell great, but is that worth endagering yourself and your family for?

SMG Home Fragrance was founded on the fusion of quality fragrance and safety. Because it's not a give and take - it's all or nothing.

We are dedicated to creating a clean, luxury home experience you can feel confident in. Your home is an extension of you, and protecting that is our top priority. Our candles and wax melts have been thouroughly tested in our own homes for safety and quality so you can enjoy them the way you are meant to; worry-free.

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SMG Home Fragrance is owned and operated by Scrub Me Good LLC. All our products are manufactured and/or sourced by Scrub Me Good LLC.

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